Guild Tube PA
MCI JH24 16 Track 2″ Analog Tape Machine ~ Fully restored by Mara Machines.
RME ADI-8 DS 96k AD/DA Converters (32 channels i/0)
Pro Tools 11/12
Chris Pelonis Model 42 Monitoring System

Seventh Circle Audio C84 (Millenia) and A12 (API) (x7)
CL 7602 1073-style w EQ (x4)
BLA API 312 style (x2)
Auditronics 110B vintage Memphis preamps w/ EQ (x6)
Ampex 602 vintage tube mic pre
Universal Audio UA-710d 4 channel preamp (with 1176 style compression)
Magnecord vintage tube preamps (x6)
Ampex PR-10 vintage tube preamps (x2)
A Designs REDDI tube bass DI
ca. 1970 CADDCO console from Atlantic Studio C, NYC (8 channels)

EL Distressor (x2)
DBX 163x (x2)
Symetrix CL-150
Shure SE-30 Limiter
Peavey Valverb tube spring reverb and tremolo
Delta Lab Effectron II delay and modulation
Electra Analog Delay
Guild Starfire Bass
Shure SM7 (x4)
Cascade Designs Fathead II Ribbons (x2)
AEA R88 mkii Stereo Ribbon Mic
Sennheiser e602
Rode NT5 (x2)
Shure SM57 (x4)
Audio Technica 4040 (x2)
BeyerDynamics M160 ribbon mics (x2)
BeyerDynamics M88
Various vintage EV dynamics
EV N/D67 (x2)

Vox AC15 Handwired
Vox AC15 standard
Silvertone Twin Twelve (ca. 1966)
Fender Vibrolux (blackface ca. 1965)
Fender Princeton (tweed ca. 1958)
Ampeg B-12N Flip Top (ca. 1964)
Trace Elliot Velocette
Fender Bassman (blackface ca 1964)
Magnatone M20 (ca. 1965) Stereo vibrato!
Magnatone 260 (1959)
Magnatone 213 (1958)
Victoria Ivy League (tweed Harvard clone)
Wurlitzer electric piano (x2)
Hammond M3 organ
Lester upright piano
Korg SV-1
Nord Electro 5d
C&C Custom Player Date drum kit
Slingerland kit (ca. 1960s)
Les Paul Special
Gibson SG
Gibson 335
Gibson J45 (x3)
Gibson J50
Gibson B-25
Nash telecaster
Jerry Jones 12 string electric
Jerry Jones longhorn bass
Guild Starfire bass
Fender Precision Bass
Danelectro Shorthorn bass
Kay hollowbody bass (ca. 1960)

plus many more.